Wednesday, March 31, 2004

How to Make a Teddy Bear


That's my topic for my audition/interview last night. I have spent the last 2 hours preparing for it. Actually, it started earlier than that, because I spent at least a half an hour running around looking for everything. I almost panicked because I couldn't find the pattern, but it was just buried on my dresser. *whew*

I have the pattern, and instructions, and all my materials together. I have the pinned-on pattern, and a few cut-out pieces, and one piece assembled to show a particularly tricky step. It's a lot more than 3 minutes, but I think it will be OK.

Today was so busy I keep forgetting what day it is. My day went like this:
Awake at just after 7, but it took me about 40 minutes to actually get out of bed. Mornings have been bad lately.
Got dressed, came downstairs, made breakfast for me and DS2.
Piled DS2 and DD into the car, took DD to school.
Went with DS2 to CostPlus. No sf french vanilla syrup. No other sf flavors I wanted to get, either. The bookcase I liked? Way too tall -- I could go up to 32 inches, but these were 39.
Walked over to Staples to look at their bookcases. Nothing in the finish and size I want. Bah. Although, it's just as well, because I don't need to be spending more money just now.
Went to Border's. Had a decaf while DS2 had a chocolate chip cookie. I ate probably a third of it... which is probably the equivalent of one, one-and-a-half regular sized cookies. Had DS2 use the toilet, great success: take the pants completely off, no problem. Looked at upcoming movie pictures from some magazine for a few minutes (Harry Potter, Spider-Man) with DS2, he loves that stuff.
Time to head to the rheumatologist. I get there a few minutes early and realize I have no cash, and I never carry the checkbook. This dr does not take credit cards... the reception says, go ahead and get some cash, by the time you come back she'll be ready for you. Put DS2 back in the car, drive 2 miles to BankOne, take out the $, drive back 2 miles, unload DS2, walk back to the office.
Did, indeed, get into the dr right away. I begged for drugs. She was shocked: for the past 2 years I have been trying to manage with out meds. And failing. I had my list of stuff to discuss, covered everything. She gave me scrips for Vioxx (25mg), Ambien to help me sleep, and Plaquenil to halt the progression of the RA. While the assistant was writing out the scrips, I mentioned how spendy the Vioxx is, and she gave me a 20-day supply from her sample closet, God bless her. That saved me $40.
Headed back to DD's school, DS2 got to play a while.
DH met us there and took DD and DS2 to McD's for lunch while I headed to my dermatologist appointment.
At the dermatologist, I had him check out my scar from my last excision (it's OK), and check out 3 moles and that previously infected cyst. Dr agrees it would be wise to biopsy all 3 moles but says the cyst is up to me, although if it were his, he'd have it out. I was dismayed by the news about the moles. I was really hoping he'd tell me I was being hyper-sensitive about the warning signs. I asked, "All 3? really?" He said, the two on my leg we can keep close watch on, but the one on my shoulder blade, definitely. So we decided to do that first, and then schedule the cyst out, because it is making me nuts. If I could do all 3 punch biopsies at one time, I would. The dr would do it, too, but the insurance co doesn't cover the procedures that way (so f'ing stupid). So I will be in that office every couple of weeks for the next few months, getting various pieces of my body sliced out. That prospect makes me sad, but it's better than getting melanoma and dying, so...

Left the dermatologist, drove down to McD's and got the kids. Took DS2 to use the toilet again, again great success. Got a Big&Tastyw/cheese at the drive thru, then hit the road: Trader Joe's for staples. Sam's Club to pick up my Cytomel and some other supplies. Dropped of my new scrips at Osco Drug. Got home in just enough time to put away the groceries (we now have no space in either fridge or freezer! Eek! I hate it when I buy too much...) before having to dash out and get DS1 at school.

DS2 passed out on the way home from the errands, and he slept entirely through picking up DS1, too, even being put in and out of the car. He slept like a rock for hours. I wondered whether he would pee while he was sleeping, but he didn't. DH finally woke him up just after 5; it had been at least 4 hours since he last peed and he didn't while he was sleeping! I was impressed... except later he peed on the rug! But I wasn't home to deal with it, because just after 5:30 I hustled DD out to cheerleading practice.

Got DD's uniform: too small. *sigh* PIcture form, picture date, schedule for Saturday (9AM football game). Who knows what we will actually do! It's a pretty nice group of parents, though. And it's only for 8 more weeks...

The best part of cheer practice was when I went outside and called my sister to brainstorm about what to do for my audition tomorrow. She always sparks my own creativity if she doesn't just give me an idea outright! She's my muse... I am so lucky to have her. I feel like she really saved my butt on this one!

Got home from cheer at about 7:40, reheated DD some pizza for her dinner, and started looking for all the bear stuff.

For my own dinner, I had some leftover chicken and some decaf. I think I'll have some cheesecake now...
Starting about 9:30 or so, while DH watched the news I typed up my instruction sheet/class notes and made copies. Then I demo'd my presentation to DH, who made some good suggestions. I refined my materials a bit. Then I settled in to do the pinning/cutting/trimming etc while we watched the new episode of 24, which was excellent... then the new episode of South Park which attacked Mel Gibson as a weirdo for making The Passion of the Christ. Parts were funny, but so much was not. I have to wonder how Mel Gibson takes such outrageous stuff like that.

So now I'm writing and I should've had my shower and been in bed at least an hour ago. I am so ticked I forgot to pick up my new prescriptions this evening... it will all have to wait until tomorrow.

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