Saturday, March 13, 2004

Spinning my wheels

Didn't do anything today, except arrange for the kids to eat and feed myself. Went to the 4:30 Mass, that was good, then to DD's cheerleading organizational meeting at 6... it was a weird day. I did nothing until the late afternoon and then found myself sort-of busy.

We had In-and-Out Burgers for supper. Mmmmm protein-style, yum. And thankfully, they have the worst fries, or possibly just the most different fries that I don't care for. At all. Can't help it, I was raised on Idahoes, and the texture of these is all wrong. Yuck. I tried one bite of one fry and that was more than enough for me. They're just wrong!

I think I am still recovering from last night. We had a great time. We ate at Kai, the new fancy restaurant at the Sheraton Wild Horse Resort and Spa. We had the most decadent meal. I had a lobster tail appetizer and chilean sea bass, with a chocolate mousse-ish dessert, but it was more complicated than that. And we shared 2 bottles of wine plus I got a glass of this delicious (deadly) orange muscat dessert wine, Essensia. It brought back such nice memories of my old friend Lee and hanging out with her, well before we parted ways. That wine is delicious, it tastes just like oranges... yum. I may have to get a bottle. Just a tiny glass (a shot or so) is enough to just sip, it's so delicious. I'm sure it's loaded with carbs, though. C'est la vie -- it is a treat, not a staple. It's worth spending carbs on treats like that, at least for me. They don't (usually) send me tripping off into a binge.

Although I have been known to eat an entire package of Trader Joe's little Crispy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies. Those cookies rock. Also, they are dangerous. Usually I can resist their charms, though.

So, we had a great dinner and didn't get into any political arguments with the guys, actually had wonderful conversation. After dinner we walked around and checked out the resort, because it is very nice and very close, and DH can get a discount rate there -- ideal to bring the kids in the summer. One of the pools has a sand beach, and they have an open water slide. So I think we may go there over Memorial Day weekend. That would be nice. The kids are very enamored of Tapatio Cliffs but that is a much longer drive. I think they would like it here, though, too -- and it's close enough to home that we can go to our favorite restaurants or even go hang out at Border's late if we wanted to, LOL!

In just a few short years they will all be old enough to leave for an hour or two at the "kid's corral", supervised children's area... that will be a nice little break for DH & me. Finally, after everything I have been through physically the last few years, I am rediscovering myself and it's surprisingly great. A lot of fun. The expectation of pain has faded almost completely, and now there are no worries about pregnancy or anything else happening so it can just be fun. So now of course I realize what DH & I have been missing all these months and that makes me a little sad but it's OK because that's over now and we're moving on...

Tomorrow, the Ostrich Festival. Should be fun. I wonder if I will have to take DD on the ferris wheel again, though. I am kinda chicken at first although once I relax I have a good time. I expect the food will be terrible, it always is... I do hope we get to see the ostrich races this year, I have heard they are really funny. We'll see how it goes. Best possible attitude.

I finally did my tax paperwork today, so now there is literally nothing getting in the way of me doing some actual paying work. Maybe I'll do some tonight, that would be good. I'm a bit stuck. Not really, just that "I haven't start yet" stuck, once I sit down to do it, it will flow... my problem is I just want to hang out and have a few drinks and snuggle with my husband and just pretend I have no responsibilities, even as they crowd in upon me!

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