Friday, March 26, 2004



We went to Rockfish for dinner and a I got a Rock-a-rita. Seriously delicious, and I am completely toasted. I should probably look up what they put in it, but I really don't care. I just know that they make a very tasty margarita there. I believe the waitress said something about orange juice in the mix? That could explain the complete lack of bitterness, and a good part of the "yum" factor, too. Plus I think they float Grand Marnier on top, too, so it's one of those extra-alcoholic drinks, which explains why I can't type to save my life right now. I'm making on average 2 corrections per word, and some of these words are only 2 or 3 letters. Hee!

Today was a very very busy day. SRP, the electric company, shut down the power at 8AM and it wasn't scheduled to come back up again till 4, so today was a day to keep busy and out of the house. I dropped DD off at Atrium this morning, then ran to Trader Joe's and Sam's (picked up DH's birthday presents, but not my prescription, grrrr), the picked up DD. Hung out for a little while, then got DS1. Then lunch, then a matinee of "Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed". It was cute. Brilliant? No, but definitely OK, and a great thing to do with the kids when there is no A/C at home, no TV, computer, or even lights, and it's hot as blazes at home!

When we got home from the movie, YAY! The electricity was back on. That was nice. So the kids got to veg for a a while in front of the tube... they were all exhausted. When I was out doing the shopping, DS2 stayed home with Papa and they went out for a walk, they were out for about an hour! That is a looong time for little legs to be walking. Still, he is the most uncomplaining little boy of I know. When he gets tired he can be cranky, but more often he just crawls into my lap, looking for snuggles.

So, then dinner at Rockfish. They have buckets of saltines on the table, and the kids eat packet after packet of them. There is no point in ordering them dinner, I swear: we should just let them eat the saltines and be done with it. No matter. They behaved very well adn we had a nice meal. They have great gumbo there, which I enjoyed even though I couldn't eat the andouille sausage (Friday, Lent, etc). I had the crabcakes, which were just amazing.

Got home, put on "Star Wars: Clone Wars" for the kids (Ch. 11 was new tonight), and promptly passed out on the couch. Although when you are as bone-tired as I was, I'm not sure it counts as passing out. I fell asleep, but for only about 10 minutes or so. It helped.

Now, DH is watching some goofy movie ("Squirm") on the Mystery! channel, and here I am. I got two work assignments today, which is good, because frankly, there is so much to do and I am getting no feedback on anything lately, that I don't know where to begin. So assignments are perfect. They give them to me, I do them toute suite.

I also called the hiring coordinator at Princeton Review today, and she encouraged me to take the practice test, regardless of my summer plans. She said if I did well at the audition, they could work around my schedule. I have to say, I liked the sound of that. I have to brush up a bit and then take the test some evening soon. It's great that I can take the test online, too, and I don't have to schedule it and arrange for a babysitter and everything.

Weather is cooling and consequently my hands are aching... or that could just be from driving around so much today, as that sometimes does it too. Otherwise, not feeling too badly, although I have eaten more carbs today than I have in ages. Lunch was a roasted portabello and red pepper sandwich on focaccia, which was awesome, but way carby. DInner was OK, but then I had an oatmeal M&M cookie when I got home. Breakfast was a slice and a half of french toast with cinnamon & Splenda. It's been one carbo-rific (horrific) meal after another, today. And no good non-carby snacks, either. Aside from the mushroom and pepper at lunch, it has been a vegetable-free day, too. LOL

So tomorrow I expect to be hungover, more from the food than the drink, which wasn't all that much, after all. I'll drink lots before I go to bed to try and compensate. And now I have plenty of food in the house and so can make literally whatever I want tomorrow -- the guys will be gone the better part of the day at the NCAA tournament, but home for supper... so, another long day with the kids. I think I will take them to Mass with me. It will be a good experience for us all.

DS2 continues to do well with the toilet training. He has moved up to the toilet, but still has a problem with the pee not going where he wants it to go. It is frustrating for him, but I keep encouraging him that it takes practice. And even though he is not yet at a stage where I trust him to take himself to the bathroom if he really needs to go, I do trust him to not go in his pants until I remind him, every 2 or 3 hours. It's a start.

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