Monday, March 22, 2004

busy bee

Kids back in school today, and I've a work assignment pending... whee!

I managed to do stuff today. Like start sorting through the mountain of boys' clothes and deciding what stays, what goes, and sorting it out by size so it will be easily accessible as DS2 grows into it.

I finally rebelled against the restricted menu I usually cook in favor of the kids' bland palates, and made my own version of Carrabas' Polla Rosa Maria. I forgot the mushrooms, and instead of a basil lemon butter sauce, I made a sauce of garlic, rosemary, white wine and dash of cream. We had this divine concoction on a bed of spinach, and I have decided I never have to eat out at an Italian restaurant again.

The kids like the prosciutto and the cheese and the chicken, skipped the sauce entirely, and had peas instead of the spinach. No one actually complained! That in itself was a miracle.

News: DS2 has now spent 3 days in underwear. First day, one accident. Second day, 2 accidents. Today? 3. I do not like this trend, LOL! Actually, I was very impressed because when he realized he was peeing, he actually stopped, and ran to the potty and put the rest in there. He's getting it. He likes wearing underpants (they are much cooler than diapers, and it's 95 degrees out there). Most of the time, he's OK with actually going to the potty when I ask him if he needs to go -- except if he's engrossed in a television program or DVD. Then he doesn't want to go, and that's when he has his accidents.

So, tonight, laundry, LOL! It will be this way for a while until he really gets the hang of it, but I don't care -- I have seen the light at the end of the diaper tunnel, and I am psyched! It has been 7 years, 2 months, and I am just so (as I say to the kids) over this!

DH put together his new dresser over the weekend, and our bedroom looks fantastic now... of course the pile of junk in the living room is increasing day by day, but that's OK, because once it's all together and inventoried, it will be taken away, and then the house will be in great shape.

I'm feeling much better these days after eating clean and taking the Vioxx, although I'm pretty sure that the food is more important than the medication, but who knows? I sure don't. It's nice to feel better, though, and actually get things done. I hate that feeling of being stuck, not being able to get anything done -- it is a physical feeling, fatigue, I guess -- not a psychological thing like depression. Although the fatigue can definitely contribute to depression (BTDT), that's not what I'm feeling right now.

I'm loving having this energy right now... I hope it lasts!

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