Friday, March 19, 2004



Perhaps the fact that the entire previous entry was spent bitching about everything we would have to do tomorrow caused the Karmic Wheel to turn in my favor... sort of.

DH checked out the upstairs after supper and declared it would be OK to sleep up there. Now, this was going on 8 or possibly just after 8, and we really try to get the kids in bed before 8:30. And everything was everywhere, and had to be put back.

Soooo, we decided to just do the move then. Moved the beds, figured out the best arrangements for the dressers, switched clothing around from dresser to dresser as required, and made up the beds again.

The kids, bless them, were happy to hang out downstairs watching Toon Disney (wretched, wretched channel, but OK for kids, I guess. Just stupid, not damaging.)

I had to re-hang the curtain in DD's room, reset the time on her clock, make sure she would have enough of her things around her so she could sleep. This is her first night sleeping in a room by herself since she was less than 2. We moved her in with her big brother when little brother was still pending. I remember she fell off the bed a few times... it was ok, it was just a mattress on the floor. Eventually we put the box spring under the mattress, and then the frame, when she finally quit falling out. Not that she did it so often, but it did happen more than once.

I doubt she'll fall out of bed tonight but I do wonder if she will sleep. Her big brother is her best friend no matter how much they fight, and they used to always talk to each other before sleeping, and play games with their animal friends. In a way it makes me sad to break them up, but in the long run it's better for her to have her own room.

They will all have their own room, eventually. For now, though, it's better to have the huge room be the play room. I need that! Now (or in the very near future) I will be able to say to them: go play upstairs! And they'll have a specific room to go to!

So, they're all in bed, finally at about 10, and DH turned in shortly thereafter, as he is getting up early tomorrow to put in some hours at work, to make up for the ones he will miss later in the week for the NCAA basketball tournament. I hope the kids sleep late. They could really use it.

I'm really very happy the furniture all got moved around tonight, because that will make tomorrow so much easier! The only thing I have really scheduled for tomorrow is Mass... how lovely to have an essentially open day!

Maybe I'll have the whatever-it-takes to actually start that furniture project for DD... she's still pushing for pink furniture, no matter how many times I say no!

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