Tuesday, March 09, 2004

should be working

But instead, I'm here and rambling, because the guy is here fixing the garage door, and I know I'm going to be interrupted within 15 minutes or so, and then I have to go pick up DD at her school. So what's the point of getting involved in something? I can do that later.

It's a beautiful day here, although later it is going to be hot: the forecast is for 92 degrees. It's always this way. We have winter, then *bam* summer. Although since it is still technically spring, we should still have some more cool days, and at least it still cools down wonderfully over night. Still, over the weekend I was in turtlenecks and today I'm in a linen sleeveless thing. Sheesh.

I have to talk about DS1, who has just morphed into a consistently happy kid lately. Not that he was ever depressed (I think) or anything, he just used to seem troubled or just "thinking too hard" all the time. Even though he was grumpy on Saturday, there was something about that, I could clearly tell it was just a mood thing, not a temperament thing, if that makes any sense. DH and I have talked about this and one thing we think that is having a huge positive impact is that DS1 is now completely literate. He reads everything: street signs, trucks, labels and boxes, stuff on TV, and of course, books. All on his own, over this weekend he went through "his" shelf of the bookcase, and found the Bionicle chapter books that he got for Christmas. He's already up to Chapter 6, and read for well over an hour on Sunday, and for another 15 minutes yesterday, even though Monday is his busy day (after-school gymnastics and R.E.) so we usually give him a pass. He didn't want a pass, he wanted to find out what was going to happen in the story.

I just think that's so cool, and completely unsurprising. He is (obviously) not me, but so much like me in so many ways, and I have been a rabid reader since I was tiny. I hope that all of them will come to love reading as much as I do.

Well, I just got a phone call that DD might not make it into the morning K class next year. Decision time: put her in the afternoon class, or put her in all day? Yeesh. I think I'll just wait and hope she does get into the morning class! I don't really want her to go all day. DS2 will be so lonely, and I'll miss her, too.