Monday, September 29, 2014

acronym week

Driving up to Phoenix to the hospital four days out of five is no one's idea of a good time, but that's my schedule this week.

I'm having my Thyrogen trial after being on the LID for two weeks already, so it was blood work and injection today, injection tomorrow, RAI on Wednesday, and more blood work and a WBS on Friday.

I jealously hoard my PTO, though, so all my appointments are after school, which means I'm dashing out the door as soon as the last bell rings and then driving back home in rush hour. 

The kids still have to get to & from school, so DS1 is on that this week.  DH is doing without a car at all so that can happen, which means I drop him off in the morning and pick him up on the way back from the hospital. 

It's too much driving.  Then there's my formal observation on Wednesday and parent-teacher conferences on Thursday (8AM-6PM), plus my Tuesday & Thursday classes (which I love, but - work!)

Just hoping my scan is clean -- then I won't have to think about this for another month, when my bloodwork will finally come back. 

I won't say how much this is costing us, mostly because the insurance company thinks we're still on last year's plan, even though we switched at the beginning of July, which is, you know, nearly three months ago.  DH says they'll figure it out eventually.  He is an optimist.

Monday, September 08, 2014

rain day

Thunder woke me up at 5AM, and since I'd gone to bed past 1, I thought, "I wish we could have a rain day today..."  before I drifted back off to sleep for another hour.  It wasn't enough, but I got up with the alarm and got ready for school as I always do, regretting my late weekend nights (doing homework! really!) and wondering what that meant for the week to come.
Not our wash, but one nearby -- and I witnessed a very similar scene.

The trip to school was slower than usual, trying to avoid the huge puddles that had accumulated in the downpours.  The washes flanking the neighborhood looked disturbingly full, much more than I'd ever seen them.

But still, the trip took only a minute or two more than usual, and the parking lot was not a huge puddle... kudos to the landscape architects for that.  But the sandlot under the swings positively looked like quicksand, and sports field was under at least 2 feet of water. 

So it was no surprise to hear, as soon as I walked into the building (after shaking out my umbrella), that school had been cancelled for the day. 

Came home, changed clothes, and declared the offspring were staying home, too -- a good decision confirmed by the notification from their school that it, too, was closed for the day, within about 15 minutes of my decision. 

Today's was a 100-year rain. 

What did I do?  Slept for a big chunk of it.  Had my leaky front tire looked at.  Got a hair cut!  Graded all my students' papers and entered all the grades, too.  More homework, which, it turns out, is not due until next week.   Made a terrific dinner of baked salmon, rice pilaf, and broccoli. 

It was an odd day, but a nice pause, a catch-up kind of day.  But since this is the last week of the grading period, I'm going to have to figure out what to do with my lesson plans for the rest of the week now.  I have no doubt that it will all work out, eventually.  At least I won't be so sleep deprived tomorrow.