Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Lord, be with me


I am chaperoning the first-grader's field trip to the AZ Science Center tomorrow, with both DD and DS2 in tow. I volunteered myself (I can't even honestly say I got roped into it) because otherwise there wouldn't be enough chaperones and they would've had to cancel the trip, and that would just suck. Science museums rock. I hope we survive.

Both DD and DS2 were very cranky today... I hope no repeats tomorrow, that would be a disaster. However, I've noticed that they tend to be on best behavior while we're out, and save their meltdowns for when we get home. I can handle that, I just don't want them to be freaking out at the museum when we're with DS1 and his classmates. Fortunately, I get to drive myself (and them), so if things go south, I can probably extricate myself pretty quickly. Always have an escape route planned...

Finally got in and did a litte work today after spending all morning cleaning and all afternoon refereeing the kidlets. I honestly don't know where today went. Oh, the garage door opener got fixed, yay! Other than that... what happened here?

Ah, yes, went to Sam's Club with the 2 little ones, got some pizza for lunch and it took forever. DS2 still won't go in the cart (DD does, though). Little legs = slow shopping. Seriously, it must've added 20 minutes to the trip. Plus it totally wears him out and then he gets cranky (see above). So, having picked up at DD at noon, we didn't actually get home till practically 2:30 because of how slow they were at eating and then the trudge through the store for various items. Of course that store is so huge that it would be best to navigate it in rollerskates, but that's just something I have to deal with.

Saw the surgeon yesterday and she reported that the gallbladder was completely healthy which irked me, until she said this is quite common and that the tests showed there was clearly a functional deficiency. Plus, the pain is gone! Yay. She removed my tapes and sympathized over the reaction I had to the adhesives, but said basically there wasn't much to be done about it. Bummer on that one. It's nice to have the strips off my abdomen, but there are still the occasional little pulls and aches and pains. After I cleaned up this morning (the house was a complete disaster area, and some parts of it still are), the ache returned but slightly different, so I am pretty sure it was surgery-related.

However, I have noticed that my ankles are getting a little swollen every night. I'm wondering if this is from the RA or if it is something new. Usually my hands and feet only bother me in the morning, and it goes away as soon as I get moving (unless it is very damp). Lately the feet and ankles have been bad in the evenings, too. Sheesh.

Off to bed so I have some semblance of rest before tomorrow! I'm gonna need it.

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