Friday, March 12, 2004

Not working

I'm not working, I'm spinning my wheels endlessly in a couple of addictive forums, letting the kiddos watch Veggie Tales and just enjoying the relative (mental) peace.

Also, the Bextra is not working, as far as I can tell, at all. Today it is a beautiful day, clear blue sky, a few white puffy clouds, the temps are warm but not too hot. But my hands are positively killing me. You know, it's very frustrating when you need to pee but you can't because you have to get your fingers working well enough to undo the belt, then the button, then the zipper, on your pants. If my hands are going to be like this all the time, I'm switching to skirts...

First day off the Prevacid, too, having run out of the huge stack of them my g-e doc gave me. He didn't mention coming back or needing a prescription, it seemed like he just wanted me to take them and get things calmed down. So far, no horrible burning in the pit of my stomach but it won't surprise me if it comes back. I even had my coffee this morning, and didn't have a problem. That was good.

So, tonight, another dressed up night out. I don't really want to go out, though! Isn't that terrible? I'm just worn out, even though I went to bed at 11:15 last night (a record) and couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning until 8:15. Stupid Bextra. Maybe I could take another one? Hmmm.

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