Monday, December 30, 2013

winter beach

DD and I came East to spend a few days with my Mom.   The temps were close to 50 when we stopped at the beach, but the wind was crazy and we weren't really dressed for that wind, so it was a very quick trip.

The sky was never this blue last summer!

Chappaquoit stairs, sand, surf, sky.

The usual shoreline view at Chappaquoit.

Coming around Falmouth Heights.

Chihuly in the Garden - Member preview Nov 9

We arrived in the early evening, and walked the trails in the rising darkness.

The spotlights washed out some color but heightened the sense of other-worldliness. Some pieces evoked marine life, some flocks of birds or tangles of snakes.   I'll visit again during daylight hours, but these are my favorite photos from our first views of this installation.

Afterwards, we had dinner at the spectacular Gertrude's. A perfect evening.