Saturday, May 31, 2014

last day

We're down to our last few conscious hours in Disney World, after 7+ very full days here, like today. We arrived at Animal Kingdom before it opened (just), then trekked over to Epcot for space missions, test track, and international cuisine, then back to the hotel to pack and rest up.  Pretty soon we'll head out to Downtown Disney for dinner, then it will be Magic Kingdom for our last rides of the vacation, but that will be painless: we've saved up our FastPasses - only 3 a day now, and all must be at one park - for tonight.

DH spent so many hours planning this trip that I wondered what could possibly be taking so long, but now that it's over, I appreciate every minute even more.  We had the shortest walks and the most minimal wait times, and got to ride every single ride we wanted.  Well, except for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which just opened, and for which FastPasses are un-gettable.  We just don't see the point in waiting 90 minutes for a 3-minute kids' rollercoaster ride.

Our stay in the Port Orleans Resort has been lovely.  The magnolias are blooming and lush green surrounds you everywhere outside. It will be hard to leave (especially as our pick up is at 4:30AM!).

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