Saturday, March 27, 2004

Rock, hard place, etc


Rock: DS1 needs to practice his basketball. The best way to improve his skills is for him to spend as much time with the ball as possible.

Hard place: dribbling around the kitchen is extremely loud so as soon as he picks up the ball I want to grab it away and hide it somewhere.

After 10-15 dribbles I feel like my head is going to explode, but I'm not about to tell him to stop because I think it's great that he wants to practice.

I'm tired today. Fell asleep on the couch last night for another hour or so, late, and then stayed up really late watching, once again, the Ents take down Isengaard (my life will be temptation-free when "The Two Towers" comes out of rotation on Starz!), and reading, reading, reading on the web.

I know it's destructive behavior. My hip was killing me even after I took the Vioxx. I don't think it was because I was afraid I wouldn't sleep; I was bone tired and could barely keep my eyes open. I just needed to calm my brain a bit, which was very tightly wound from all the "on" time with the kids. Unfortunately my brain was resisting my calming efforts.

Today was a totally down day. The only thing of any merit I did was to wash my hair and shave my legs. It was absolutely gorgeous outside but I had no desire to do anything except veg. I had no energy to do anything but veg.

The kids were OK with that, which was good because DH and his dad were off at the NCAA, watching UConn trounce Alabama. It's kind of fun that the tournament is always DH's birthday, and also that some of the games are often played in Phoenix.

So we all just lazed around the house. I did more reading, no writing, no research... I have paying work to do which I may start when the kids go to bed, or do tomorrow... maybe I'll send the guys out with the kids for an hour or so to give me some peace. When I have more pain, it is harder for me to focus when there is ruckus going on around me.

I also have to review for the SAT test for the Princeton review, take those digital pictures, put together a few more columns, set up the kids' playroom, switch back to the non-Christmas dishes (shut up), refinish DD's furniture... too bad I'm lacking the energy lately.

Finally, the piece for the crib came, so I can get rid of all that stuff this week! Hurray!

I have all this stuff to do, and just can't get started. I hate this blocked feeling. Eating badly, not getting enough sleep, being in pain all contribute to it. Have to shape up on these things or I will never get through what needs be done!

At least all the kids got fed and are content for now, even if they did watch an inordinate amount of television today. (Cartoon Network's "Star Wars: Clone Wars" totally rocks!)

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