Wednesday, March 24, 2004



Potty training, accidents... hand in hand. Goes without saying. Just annoying as all get-out. Really.

Oh, and the cat is back to pooping on the carpet, too. At least that is not as nasty as it was before, because her digestion is working better now.

Between the kid and the cat, I feel like I've been dealing with shit all day.

Consequently, I have completely run out of steam. I did manage to pick up the clothes that the kids need today, and I did make some progress on mucking out our closet, and organizing all the stuff that is going OUT. It will take a while just to inventory all that crap, but that's for another time. I just want to get the upstairs in order, first, and be sure that I have everything down here, and then get rid of it all in one "swell foop."

I have no idea what to do about dinner tonight. DD has her first cheerleader practice and I am so grumpy I don't even remotely want to deal with it. DH offered to take her and I may take him up on it. It's not until 6, which totally screws up dinner and the rest of the evening. I should try and get some food into her before she goes. She only had a yogurt milkshake for lunch! Of course the only food she wanted was cookies or candy... arg.

I finally got an email back from Princeton Review today. I applied for a job with them months ago, and it seems that now they are having their auditions. I have to take a test for them, too, but I can do it online. Maybe I'll take the test and see how I do, and then go and audition? It can't hurt. I have so much on my plate right now, though... still, I think it would be fun. I have to check out the schedule though, my summer-away may throw a huge wrench into the works!

I didn't do any Al Ford photos yet, I got sucked into looking on my harddrive for the photo I knew I had taken before -- maybe it wasn't a digital, maybe I sent my cousin a hard-copy? That's always a possibility. My memory is shot.

I have to get off my butt now -- too much to do. Laundry, cleaning, making sure the guest room is decent for Papa, who arrives tomorrow. Have to get some food into DD before cheer, too!

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