Sunday, March 07, 2004

yap yap yap

Poor girlfriend, she must think, "Does this woman ever shut up?"

First, a little context -- went to DD's school fundraiser tonight and had a good time. Very yummy food and nice company, bid on a few things, only won one (a restaurant gift certificate), but -- I won the ultra-cool "family basket" with all sorts of cool stuff, including certificates for golf, cosmetics, dance lessons... way cool. I was shocked. I never win that kind of stuff. Usually.

Anyway, one of the cool things about tonight was I got to see some of the women I first met and became friends with back when DS1 was in preschool. Then it was yap-yap-yap time, and we were going to go for coffee when the event wound up at 10, but the nearby Starbucks was closed, so we came back here and I made coffee and we just chatted until 11:30... poor gf, she has work tomorrow! Eeek, that was so not something I had even thought about... still, it was great fun, and I'm doing SO MUCH BETTER at getting out and actually seeing people. This is essential for my mental health, so I'm glad I'm getting a chance to do these things.

Earlier today the kids were out of sorts and so we didn't go to DS1's school's "spring fling" until after 3, and stayed until 4:30 or so, letting the kids play on the jumpers and play the little duckpond and beanbag toss games. They had a lot of fun, even thought DS1 did not want to go at first. I don't know what his problem was today, actually. Never did figure that out.

Last night I was soooo bad and stayed up reading until nearly 3:30AM. Damn Terry Pratchett (this time it was Night Watch, which I had bought several months ago and had been successfully avoiding. But now I'm having to soak the leg everyday, so I finally caved in and brought the book into the bathtub. Of course I then completely lost every shred of common sense I ever possessed. I need to strictly limit myself or I just go completely overboard. Staying up reading until 12:30 or 1AM is one thing, 3:30 is just completely stupid. Kick ass book, though. I adore Pratchett.

Finally connected with my boss for a half-hour or so today. Plenty to do, lots to think about... I will do some hours tomorrow, I think. Yay!

Last topic for tonight... I wore the new shoes tonight and they were very comfortable. I also wore the funfur wrap, and it was a huge hit -- everyone loved it. Next year I will put one up for auction so the school can make some money from it. I wore my gray top with black silk wide-leg pants that I wore on my honeymoon cruise and not much since, if I'm remembering correctly. They were a bit snug then (which is one reason why I haven't worn them) and now they're loose. Yay, low carb life!

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