Monday, March 01, 2004

Early to blog

... I hope that will also mean early to bed.

With the best of intentions yesterday, I ended up finally crawling into bed at 1:30AM. I took my nice toasty shower and was ready to drop onto the pillows at 12:30, but the leg thing looked really nasty. There was this waxy-looking stuff plugging up where it was supposed to be draining, so I resigned myself to putting some heat on it, getting things moving again, and unblocking it. I need to keep it draining if the thing is ever going to heal. It took a while but I was able to get major amounts of whatever the heck that stuff was. Ewww. It looked a lot better.

So, I've got the heat on the leg now, and I'm blogging now even though the kids aren't in bed yet ... I am so whupped I just want to go to bed now!

Today, I:
- got up at 7:50AM, after only 6 hours and 20 minutes of sleep (yawn) to say bye to my Mom
- made breakfast for me, DS2, and DD
- got DS2 and DD dressed and ready for school (after spending most of the morning trying to get DS2 to eat)
- Took DD to school
- Took DS2 to Trader Joe's, where he pushed his own mini shopping-cart around and looked so grown up. He hates riding in the cart now, he gets terrified if I go even a tiny bit fast. I have no idea where this phobia came from. I mean, I did once in a fit of pique threaten to leave him in the cart at the Sam's Club because he was behaving very badly, but that was months ago, and this phobia is very recent. Oh well. Little legs, slow shopping...
- Took DS2 to Sam's Club. Same thing, only I bought him a huge chocolate chip cookie to tide him through (remember, he ate no breakfast, basically)... little legs, slow shopping..
- dashed home to put the groceries away while DS2 waited in the car rocking out to tunes... the chicken was leaking, so I put it in the sink to clean it up and put on a plate or bowl before putting it in the fridge. Of course I was in such a rush I forgot about it. That's $6 down the tubes. I just won't eat a chicken that has been sitting at room temperature from 11:30 to 4:30, nope no way no how, I don't care if it doesn't smell bad, I'll just buy another damn chicken. I hate it when I do stupid things like that, proving that old proverb true, Haste makes waste...

- Picked up DD at school
- when to lunch with DD and DS2 at Elephant Bar, where I had a helluva time deciding what to eat since I am on a gluten-free trial these days. Whee! I ended up with this teriyaki chicken over salad thing, minus the wonton strips. It still could've had wheat in it somewhere, but I'm feeling OK so far.
- took DD and DS2 to Joanne ETC to get fabric and supplies for the upholstery I'm going to do for the furniture in her room. Tomorrow, it's Home Depot! Yay! DD picked out 3 really nice coordinating fabrics, it's going to look awesome.
- popped over to a friend's house, she's only about 10 minutes from Joanne ETC's, I hadn't seen her in forever. We were only there for about a half hour but that was nice. The kids enjoyed seeing her kids, her kids liked having company unexpectedly. It was fun.
- packed them all up again to pick up DS1 at school, got back exactly at 4PM when we needed to;
- Helped DS1 with his homework, got them all snacks. DS2 fell asleep on the way home and snored and snored...I carried him out of the car even though I'm not supposed to, he really needed the sleep.
- Packed sleeping DS2 back into the car at 4:45 to take DS1 to RE class, along with DD for the ride. The two local teenagers I would leave my kids with were unavailable, so there was nothing for it... *sigh*
- finally got home for the night at 5:30, completely exhausted, and stuck my nose in the computer while the two younger ones did whatever...

Dinner was chicken nachos for us, leftovers for the kids, who did not want them(!!!)... which sounds uninspired but was actually was, because we had not had anything like that since my Mom arrived.

too pooped to think, or write anything deep... it was good to keep busy on Mom's first day away, so as to ease the transition.

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