Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Most unusual


I may get used to this eventually, but for now, this seems very weird. The kids are all upstairs in the playroom, having a great time from the sound of it. I am down here all alone at the computer, in a quiet room (except for the muffled sounds of their shouts, etc).

I'm pretty sure I'm going to come to love this. Yep.

Right now I'm so tired I could fall over. This is the result of the following combination: first, I stayed up till like 3:30 Sunday night working, after putting in a long, physical day. Second, yesterday was DH's birthday, and I was on my feet again all day, this time ferrying the kids to and from school, making his cheesecake, cleaning up, wrapping presents, making cards, going out to dinner, doing the Happy Birthday thing, cleaning up again... *whew*. Today started out just fine, with Papa staying home with DS2 when I took DD to school, which helps a lot. When it was time to pick her up, we all went, then went out to lunch at Mimi's Cafe (yum). Lunch was fine, the kids were great, no problems. Then we dropped Papa off at the airport, which also went off without a hitch. No traffic, and we even found a place to pull over right where he could check his bags in easily. Yay!

Of course you have to drive all the way around the airport to get out again (are all airports planned as giant mobius strips, or what?), but we didn't get lost or have any trouble, but I could already feel myself running out of gas. Then when we get home, DS2 is using the toilet and peed all over himself (3rd time today... it was a positioning problem). I went into the hall cupboard to get some more wipes to clean up with, and knocked over a can of soda, which landed on the floor and exploded. You can imagine the mess.

The runner was soaked, so I had to take it outside to hose it off. I mopped up the worst of the spill, then cleaned up DS2, then finished cleaning up the hallway, which was literally covered with soda spray. I'm sure I'll be finding sticky spots for weeks to come. Ew.

After all that, I got the kids settled with a DVD and I got on the puter, checking e-mail and whatnot. When it was to go pickup DS1 at school, I stood up and nearly passed out. For some reason I got this killer pain in my lower abdomen, almost like menstrual cramps but that's not possible, and my entire field of vision went dark (postural hypotension). I sat right back down, very quickly, and stayed down until my vision cleared and the pain subsided. That was the weirdest thing. I stood up slowly and was fine, although I probably should check my blood pressure... don't feel like it. I'm seeing 2 drs tomorrow, we'll see what it's like at those appointments.

News... I have an audition/interview with Princeton Review on Thursday morning at 10AM. I need to teach any subject of my choice for 5 minutes, so they can guage my style, how well I come across, etc. I think I will do an introductory chess lesson. The one I did with DS1's camp went over very well last summer. It is interesting and I can easily find 5 minutes worth of material. But I have to practice, and I have to figure out what to wear, etc etc etc! I'm kind of excited. :)

More later, maybe...

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