Friday, April 09, 2004



If only there were a font style like italics that indicated "sarcasm".

I just mailed off the first round of survey questions for my job. That would be fine, in fact I think they're quite good, it's just that no one ever mentioned survey questions to me before Tuesday morning, and they needed them, as they say, "Like, yesterday." Then DD got sick and I got demoralized having to write questions that I know people are going to "strongly disagree" on, for example, "I understand the core concepts of the product," because my home page copy, not brilliant but definitely clear, was yanked at the last minute, pulling lots of concepts down on the cutting room floor with it. tant pis!

I never, ever say that in real life, but I do think it while I'm writing. How odd.

I need to go to bed but I had to mini-vent about the stupid writing assignment. Also, I looked up last night what my rates should be and I am kicking myself for not doing that before I started, because I could easily be charging these guys 50% more per hour than I am, and I still wouldn't be at the top of the pay scale for what I'm doing. Sheesh. If I'm going to continue working with these guys after this release, I'm going to raise my rates!

Otherwise, a fairly good day. Not much happened. Managed to deliver the Easter Baskets, even though DH let me sleep until 8:45! Yikes. Still got DD to school around 9:40 or so, which is great considering that she hadn't eaten breakfast yet. At least DH fed DS2.

I was very sulky all day with this assignment hanging over me head. I think the best part of the day was when I called my sister and we had a great talk. She's my catalyst, my spark -- for some reason, she can say the simplest things to me, and it sets whole trains of thought in motion. I'm very lucky to have her, and I told her so. Of course we both choked up. Hee!

Now that the house is empty of junk you can really see how much it needs to be cleaned! Tomorrow is a good day for that, I think, but we'll see. The kids are all off school, and there is some shopping to be done, and perhaps more work, too.

Well, it's off to bed now or I won't be able to do anything tomorrow...

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