Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Good day


Why do I like bad movies so much? Ah, yes -- Colin Firth. *sigh* I watched What a Girl Wants, and it didn't even bother me that he was the dad. There was this one scene involving leather pants, a black t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, incredibly funny air guitar and seriously funking dancing. I should find that clip online somewhere and download it for when I seriously need cheering up, because I can't see how it would ever fail. I read Walter's review over on FilmFreakCentral and he rightly trashes the movie, but Firth's charm and willingness to make a complete idiot of himself will win me over every time. Between this and Bridget Jones, I think he's my favorite actor.

Did tons and tons of work today, some of it unsolicited, but I've been thinking about that stuff for ages and wanted to get it out there. Those guys, they need to think about this stuff... at least I think so. I actually worked on and off all day. I'm going to have to tote up the hours somehow. Doesn't really matter.

Talked to one of my old work friends and she may be coming to Tucson next month! That would be cool, I could take off for an afternoon and go see her and her fiance -- I dated him for a while, in a previous life. Poor guy, I was psycho during that phase. When I got over my lunacy I realized that those two were really compatible and I think it has worked out well between them. They've been together for a number of years now, and almost got married in the Caribbean this past winter but had to cancel at the last minute when some family members couldn't make it. If and when I do see them, I'll hassle them about not being married yet. I just looked it up (checked the date on the email announcing their engagement) and they've been engaged for almost 4 years! This is getting excessive!

Tomorrow will be a long day, and I have the colonoscopy prep to look forward to. Ick. Have to remember to pick up the prescriptions. I got so much done today it was great: called the vet about boarding Rosie (the cat) over vacation, called to rent a car for same, did tons and tons of paying work, talked to my friend, talked to my niece for a bit, talked to my sister, drove the kids all over the place, and even managed to make dinner not-too-late. I just did wings on the grill and they were just a little bit overcooked. It was my first attempt at this particular kind, so it's a learning process. They were still quite good. Everyone seemed OK with them.

I have no idea about dinner for tomorrow because I CAN'T EAT ANY! Arg.
Oh, and my dr called about getting the Selective IgA Deficiency test and wants to know more about it. I think I'll just print something out and fax it over to him. I have no idea if he has been keeping up with me and all my various conditions. It's pretty ridiculous, all that I have going on. It would be nice to point to one thing and say, that's it, that's the cause of all this... I don't know if I'll ever get to that point. What difference does it make if they can't fix whatever that one thing is?

My left hip is really bad today, another no Vioxx day. This morning I saw that it was rotated a good inch lower than my right hip. Ouch. Then I figured out that I was doing the stretch I needed to do for when it had rotated higher -- it does both, I have no idea why. So I did the other stretch and popped it back into alignment and that held me for a few hours, but I have spent too long in this chair today. Now it is hurting again even though I just did those same stretches like half an hour ago. Sheesh. Falling apart. Can't wait for Wednesday morning to come and go, and then I'll slow down my life again. Yeah, right.

Still and all, strangely content. Thank you, Colin Firth.

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