Monday, April 12, 2004

Another day, another invasive medical procedure scheduled


I love my life. Really, I do. My body, I could do without. Obviously not literally, but if I could trade, I would. What would it be like to not have to deal with a seemingly endless parade of stupid medical issues? I have no idea, because I've been dealing with medical issues practically since the day I first got pregnant nearly eight years ago. The medical issues only turned bad after the babies were born, fortunately. Although there was a breast lump scare in between kids 2 and 3, or was it 1 and 2? Turned out to be nothing, but still. Having babies is nerve-wracking and physiologically tough on OLD women like me (33 when I had my first).

Anyway, I finally got back in to see my gastroenterologist today and we discussed my problems with (the most delicate way of phrasing this I could come up with) my "rapid transit" problem. Along with that comes a problem with major discomfort that extends beyond what Preparation H can help with, not that it ever really helped at all. So he ordered a bunch of tests for Celiac and scheduled a colonoscopy. I am not psyched about the prep for that exam. Nice dr saw me blanching as I looked at the prep requirements and wrote me a scrip for an anesthetic gel to use on what I know will be my very sore butt.

See, I've had IBS before (pretty much concurrent with my first marriage and resolving with the divorce), and some of my symptoms could be from that, but when I had IBS before, I never had these other symptoms. And now I do not have symptoms I had before, namely, eating does not make me double over in pain the way it used to. So I don't think this is IBS. Or if it is, it's an entirely different form of it.

I go for the blood draw tomorrow after I drop DD at school. I'll only have DS2 with me, and he's cool with this kind of thing. We'll go before storytime. Incentive for me to get DD out of the house on time.

Last night i did have a good sleep and it really helped with today. I actually (gasp) cleaned the bathroom and did a load of laundry. Shocking!

I also called the Survey Question guy and we talked out the issues with the questions I sent him ("too comprehensive") -- OK, just another casualty of the lack of communications, and I have to start getting more aggressive like calling them and not waiting for them to call me all the time. I don't want to be a pest but this is ridiculous. Beta is supposed to be in 5 weeks(?) now and there are volumes to write. Just now, I'd like to finish this job up and be done with it, although I do like having a paying job.

One really good thing is that I had that appointment today, but I was not flattened by it. Often when I have an appointment with news like that ("Hey, let's schedule you for 12 hours of misery!") I will go into a funk and not be able to do a thing for the rest of the day, but I actually did the laundry and cleaned the bathroom when I got home. It seems really trivial but it is a big change, and one I really appreciate. I'm not thrilled by it but at least today, I'm not completely undone by it, either.

Kids all OD'd on chocolate again today, making it the last day that the Easter Baskets stayed out on the counter and readily accessible. I transferred all the goodies into lunch bags and stuck 'em up on top of the fridge, and put the baskets away for next year. From now on, strict(er) rationing -- not to be mean, but because they really can only handle so much.

I've had 3 chocolates so far today. I wonder how many I'll have eaten by the end of the day? It helps me, too, having put the "family basket" chockies away. Yesterday I probably ate at least 10! No wonder I felt miserable last night.

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