Thursday, April 15, 2004

Really good news


Just got off the phone with my sister, who had some great news today, and I am so happy for her that I feel my own clouds lifting a little bit. She had a willful daughter episode yesterday, too, so maybe there was something in the alignment of the planets that conspired on us? Hee.

Today was not a bad day, either. It got better this evening when I found that Keckler had recapped "Spock's Brain" over at TWoP.Worst. Episode. Ever. It was a total riot, and cheered me up a lot. Then I read the recap of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which was even funnier, especially since I just saw that last weekend.

And, in the most recent spin of the Great Karmic Wheel, work called and informed of a conference call to review the results of the Alpha, which basically say the message is confusing and the users don't have a clue. Hmmm, ya think if they had kept the homepage copy I wrote for them, instead of subbing it out at the last minute for what the boss guy wrote in his infinite wisdom, we might have done better? I have my hunches, but in this meeting tomorrow, I'm just going to listen, listen, listen. I hope Boss Guy listens, too, because he tends to be a flighty. I think the results from this round of the Alpha have shown that it would benefit them greatly to keep me in the loop, and also to keep the stuff I write for them! Sheesh.

Medical stuff is still getting on my nerves and it is my biggest trigger into depression. I did manage to do a few house-worky things today, and I also talked to the former cheer squad leader who is a case of cognitive dissonance if I ever heard one, and got all the info from her... and I called and left messages for all the other girls about this Saturday's plans. So I actually did do some things today, which is cool. I always find I start to feel better as soon as I can make myself get moving...

Now, to bed, so I can be up early enough to be conscious for that call.

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