Monday, April 05, 2004

Busy busy bee


So much going on today!

First, SCI FI announced that the Farscape mini-series will air there in late 2004. Whee! So then I sent out a newsflash to my mailing list, and have spent the rest of the day deleting e-mails that bounced. I think I'm down to about 520 or so, but that's pretty respectable for a series that was cancelled 2 years ago. Hee!

Somewhat later I got an e-mail from my boss with yet another new direction for the home page. I fired off an e-mail with my concerns, and we talked for about 15 minutes. We were not too far off, actually, and agreed we will talk later in the week. Bigger news is that the Beta is schedule to go out in 4 weeks, and they want as much copy as possible for it. Basically -- everything! Yikes. That might be OK if I had a clue about some of the functionality, but I don't.

And, oh, by the way, we want you to write up the survey questions for the Alpha testers, which is a completely new thing... it never rains but it pours.

I updated the main page over at Make It Low Carb, with a "special notice" that I may not (ha!) have received any emails sent from the LCL Mag link. I also re-organized the page slightly, and added the third column to the site. I do hope I get some e-mail feedback from the third column. I will be upset if I don't get any, especially given that I did get some from my first two!

I also updated the index page at FarscapeWeekly, with an "It's Official!" announcement at the top, and a link to the SCI FI Wire story.

All that, plus trucking around with the kids, a quick trip to Trader Joe's, putting gas in the car, blah blah blah. I'm whupped.

I only took half an Ambien last night and consequently slept well from about 11 til 2:30 or 3, and then was restless. Guess I need to take the whole thing or nothing at all. It might just be easier to have a glass or two of wine! Hee. I've been tired all day, but I think part of it is the weather, this storm system is just lingering. I'm enjoying the cooler temps (it's only in the 60s to low 70s) but the damp is icky, and it's not even that damp! If I still lived in New England I would be a complete cripple by now.

I need to bake. I have nothing to eat in this house! I had chocolate chip cookies after dinner... not many, as the kids polished off most of them, but I just wanted something and had the last few crumbs, probably only 1 or 2 small cookies total. I feel stupid after eating sugar, I think to myself, "why are you feeding the cancer?" Not that I have cancer, but eating sugar will certainly encourage any that may be lurking. There's a cheerful thought, huh?

There are still piles of stuff in the living room, but I feel as if I am making some progress, regardless. The truck is coming on Wednesday, and if I don't have everything ready to go, it won't all go... there will be other trucks, other days. I have to stop stressing about that, it's not that important!

Still no word from Princeton Review. I wonder if I my test score was too low? But seriously, how can they tell from a 25-question test? I have to remain philosophical about this, too. I have plenty to keep me busy right now, so if I don't get called back for training, it will probably be a good thing.

OK, I'm off to do some reading for paying work, as opposed to all the non-paying work I keep doing for myself! Don't know when I'll get back in here. Things are just too nuts, and sometimes I get tired of hearing my own voice whining.

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