Thursday, April 22, 2004

Shooting the enemy


I'm trying to take digital pics of all my fuzzy, multi-colored spots using the macro mode on my camera. They're all getting washed out by the flash.

I'll have to try again in the morning when it's bright and I can turn the flash off. I would like to establish baseline size and color measurements for these things so I can make comparisons later and see if they have changed. Also, I could conceivably print them out and show them to the dermatologist for evaluation.

It seems a little stupid but I feel like at least I'm doing something about it.

Worst thing: noticed a small brownish discoloration on my upper lip just
today. Wondering if it's hormonal (although I am post-ovulation, pre-PMS); oval, about 1cmx2cm, and noticeable at a distance. Have to keep an eye on that one.

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