Wednesday, April 28, 2004

the less said, the better


Yesterday I didn't do anything really because I had the colonoscopy prep looming over me all day, and I didn't want to deal with it.

Wait, that's not right: I did a bunch of errands with DS2 in the morning. What I did not do was the housework that really needs to get done, cleaning and laundry... DH ended up throwing in a load of dark colors this morning because DS2 ran out of underwear (he has red and blue underwear -- hey, he's three!). Oh well.

I would really rather forget the whole thing, but I just want to note here that it was impossible for me to swallow the Visicol, so I had to crush it and drink it mixed with grape juice. Visicol is sodium phosphate: DETERGENT! Yikes. After choking down (literally) 4 tablets every 15 minutes between 4 and 5 (!!!) I actually passed out for an hour and a half. I was so exhausted. The fun did not actually begin till after the second round at 8. Then it really started up when I had to take the laxative at 9. I was up until 2:45, completely miserable. Woke up at 6:15, still miserable.

The procedure went well, dr took some biopsies for microscopic examination, didn't see anything scary or have to take anything else out. I have to schedule a follow-up. Whee. Now I'm just dealing with all the air that's still gurgling around in me. It's a very weird feeling. DH picked up about 10:30, I dosed downstairs until our babysitter brought DD home from school (DS2 was dawdling in the bathroom... ) then I went upstairs and crashed for 5 hours. Oh, I had a couple of poached eggs before the "nap". I've had night's sleeps that were shorter than that "nap".

Dinner: a huge salad with romaine, a really beautiful tomato, roasted red peppers, and pepper jack cheese, yum. I'm contemplating some tuna right now (hee!). I haven't eaten much in the past two days, some late-night tuna could just hit the spot. I would really like a tuna melt but I'm still avoiding wheat to see if it helps at all. So far I haven't noticed any improvements but then again I just went through a roto-rooting so it probably doesn't matter what I eat, but I'm not going to undo my several good days' eating just for a sandwich.

Still feel exhausted.

Looking forward to a normal day tomorrow.

Last: I got a really excellent and encouraging e-mail with feedback on the work I did Monday. Since it was a completely unsolicited proposal, I was wondering how it would be received, and now I know at least one team member appreciated it. Sometimes I wonder how sharp my instincts are, since I'm working remotely. Nice to know I can still hit the mark.

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