Tuesday, April 20, 2004

today's bullet report


Major cheer squad accomplishments: got the pompoms for the girl who needed them. Six out of seven girls showed up for the team photo. We all decided on Saturday, basketball, 10AM for this week. Everyone seems happier to know what's going on now.

Princeton Review wants me to come in for training and will let me know as soon as they have set the schedule.

Watched part one of Goran Visnjic (sp?) in the USA mini-series Spartacus. Yum. Also, the cheesiest, most cliche-ridden dialog, ever. Still... yum. Can't wait for Heathen's recap over on TWoP. Bad news is that due to my own stupidity (and lack of specificity in the TiVO guide), I failed to record part 2 tonight, so have to wait until Friday to catch the rest. No big deal.

Still no word on the celiac test.

It was a good day. I'm liking the hair more, getting used to it. The cut is a definite winner regardless.

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