Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I lost 300 pounds today


Yep, probably more than 300 pounds, that's just a rough estimate. The St. Vincent de Paul truck came today and the two nice guys took all our we're-not-using-it-anymore stuff. That included the crib. It was a really nice crib and we had it for 7+ years, and it's weird to think we don't have a crib, or a playpen, or a changing pad even, in the house anymore. DS2 is only in diapers overnight but I don't think that will last too much longer (probably until the supply of diapers holds out) as he wakes up dry every day.

I went to bed too late last night to take an Ambien, and slept horribly. Or rather, didn't sleep until very late. It was a long, physically active day and I was a hurting pup, but even after the bad sleep, I did OK today. I feel a lot more fatigued, but I still managed to get stuff done, and I even had energy to try not one, but two new things in the kitchen.

For lunch, I made stuffed French toast, like at Mimi's Cafe, and it was awesome. Kids hated it. tant pis! DS1 had a big temper tantrum when I refused to make him something else. He had one bite of the SFT and declared it "sour"? I guess from the cream cheese. Dude, just put some more syrup on it! But, no. He sulked. Then the truck came and took the stuff, so I said, C'mon, let's go to BK and do some errands. I got all 3 of them BK (by the time we got out of the house it was after 2PM!), they snarfed it in the car, and I drove up to DD's school to pay her tuition and drop off all the magazines I had lying around, plus all the wood puzzles we aren't using anymore.

Then we popped over to the mall to go to See's Candies to get Easter baskets for all the teachers. It's my thing, I do it every year. I'm terrible about Valentine's Day so I figure I will make it up at Easter. I got 3 little rabbits, too, sneaking them in, and figuring I could put them in the basket, but noooo -- DS1 spied them in the bottom of the bag, "What's that? What's that?" So I had to give them up for dessert after dinner, because if he saw them in the Easter basket, the jig would totally be up on the Easter Bunny. I'm not ready to let that go, yet. It's a touchy thing. So far, DS1 hasn't had his notions about the E.B, Tooth Fairy, or Santa Claus disabused, and I'm just fine with that!

For dinner, I made fettucine Alfredo. DS2 liked the sauce, the other 2 didn't, and they didn't even like the pasta all that much. Eh. For me, I steamed and then sauteed in garlic, olive oil, a pat of butter for flavor, red pepper flakes and parsley: zucchini ribbons, and slices of red, orange, and yellow bell peppers. It was beautiful, and great with the Alfredo. I splurged and had some pasta, too, but not too much. It was great with the veggies and sauce.

Then after dinner, I booked over to DD's cheerleading practice to pay for her trophy and exchange her uniform. The new ones weren't in yet but I did get her pompoms. They're adorable. Then I went to Target for Easter shopping, got an egg dye kit plus basket stuff. Looked for a dress for DD, either casual or fancy, and there was literally nothing in her size that I would buy! Then I dashed up to Trader Joe's for milk and bread, more eggs, a few other things -- like 4 bottles of the ultra-cheap Charles Shaw wine ($2.99). It's very drinkable and so cheap it's impossible to resist. Hee!

Now I'm a bit exhausted but still and all, considering I got such bad sleep last night, it was a pretty good day. I do need to do some work-work, though! DD will be back in school so I should be able to get some down tomorrow. DS2 actually likes it when he is home alone, I think, especially when I need to work, as he rules completely what DVD he watches! I know it's not optimal that they watch so much TV, but they are home with me and that's way better than day care ever could be. I won't say I have no guilt, because I do have some, but I don't think it's justified. It's just one of the trade-offs.

I am thinking about whether or not I want this job stuff to be ongoing. I need to do some research into fees and whatnot, because I have the feeling I'm undercharging for my services. It doesn't matter for the current situation, but if I were to go forward with these guys and work on other projects, I would probably ask for more $.

Even though the money is good, I sometimes feel pulled in too many directions. I wouldn't miss the work if I didn't have it. I have so many projects of my own that I don't have time to work on! It's nice to feel ambitious again, that's probably the thing that's most noticeable to me since starting on my new meds.

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