Thursday, April 22, 2004

My favorite thing


For today, anyway:

My little guy, who insists that he is NOT LITTLE! (insert foot stomp here), has, for a good while now, periodically crawled into my lap when it's time to go to bed and insisted on being carried up and lullaby'ed. I love to sing, and I love it that he loves me to sing him to sleep (and he really does drift off). Sometimes we do "The Twelve Bugs of Christmas" but lately it has been the melancholy "Baa Baa Blacksheep" from Ralph Covert's "At the Bottom of the Sea", which is so simple and full of longing that it breaks my heart even though it's nothing more than a nursery rhyme. It is incredibly precious to me, being able to carry him, limp and heavy with sleep, up to his bed and tuck him in while I sing to him. I wish I could do it every day.

This same DS2, who just turned 3 in February, made an amazing picture of "a kid" today (he later insisted it's DS1). Most very young children will draw a person as a big head with little arms and legs sticking directly out of the head. DS2 drew only faces when he was 5, starting kindergarden... DD, who turned 5 in November, started drawing bodies on her people somewhere between 4 and 5. DS2's picture had the head with eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and hair, then the body, two arms, hips, and legs. It was stick figure, yes, but with quite an astonishing amount of detail for a kid who is not even 3 and a half!

I'm a bit hyper-aware of his abilities right now. His fine motor control is incredible, although his gross motor skills lag a little because he is so cautious. He just learned to jump, finally, a few months ago, and he is still not comfortable walking down stairs holding onto a railing, by himself, even though he is quite tall enough to reach the railing comfortably. It will come, in time. But the main thing I'm wondering is if he might have dyslexia, because none of his letters or numbers are "sticking". Maybe it's just a question of not being constantly exposed on them, it just surprises me that he still can't reliably recognize A, B, and C, at least. Those one we see all the time. Not to mention the first letter of his name, which he also sees all the time. It's not a worry, exactly, just an "I want to know about it asap if that's what's going on" type of thing. He's so brilliant that I know he'll do fine as long as he is in the right, encouraging environment, which the schools we have selected definitely will provide.

I had my biopsy today and it is in a very annoying place, on my shoulder blade. You'd think it would bother me much but it interferes with leaning back and reaching and all sorts of things. And, no ibuprofen or such like drugs because of the impending colonoscopy.

Speaking of which, Max returned today and I discussed my celiac tests results with her and she gave me some new questions to ask my g/e dr. Right not I'm not going to change anything before the colonoscopy. The reading I've done makes me wonder how I would be feeling if I weren't taking digestive enzymes with every meal, and a probiotic supplement every day. I also wonder if I have a bile duct problem as I'm still getting gut pains there, or possible pancreatitis since I get the one closer to my navel, too. OR it could quite possibly be my fibromyalgia attacking connective tissues and making me feel miserable... except I do still have that rapid-transit problem, even with taking the fiber supplements as recommended by the doc.

I look like hell these days, too. Huge circles under my eyes, no matter how much sleep I get. I've been off the proton-pump inhibitors (acid reducers) for quite a while now, and think I might benefit to be back on it, starting to get that icky pit-of-stomach feeling again, but that could just be from nerves. Nerves, nerves, nerves: it always comes out on my stomach...

I got a completely spontaneous compliment on my hair today. That was nice.

During the biopsy, I did ask my dermatologist about the great quantity of freaky spots I have. He didn't seem too concerned about it. I'll be back in to him on May 13th to get the cyst out of my leg, finally. That thing is ugly. And I don't get the stitches out of my back until the 5th! 12 days. Lord help me (and DH) because there is no way I can bandage that thing myself!

I was a pretty good Mom today, all things considered. I made one of our favorite meals -- ribs, cole slaw,and baby corn bread -- which is just very time consuming. It was good to make a nice dinner. And now it will be good to have (gluten free) corn bread for breakfast or snacks for the next few days, too!

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