Thursday, April 29, 2004

hard time getting going today


My day started with cleaning up DS2, who did not pee in his bed, or in the toilet, but waited until he was halfway down the stairs. He doesn't think about using the upstairs bathroom yet. He's just not comfortable with it, even though we have a stepstool up there so he will be comfy on the toilet. It's still too new.

Anyway, had to clean him up and then blot all the wet out of the carpet. He was crying, poor little guy. I didn't yell at him about the pee, but I did tell him calmly but firmly not to freak out about it, it's not worth ruining the whole day over. Accidents happen. Whenever it happens, he just stands there and doesn't know what to do. So I told him, go on into the bathroom and get out of those clothes, and we'll get you cleaned up. He can do all that with no problem, and he did... all in all, I think it only added about 10 minutes to the routine of getting him into his clothes, LOL.

After that rather energetic (for me) and get-it-done episode, I've had a really hard time getting motivated to do anything. DH took DD to school this morning, so I've just been hanging out. I didn't make DS2 his breakfast until almost 9 -- he always eats better when we have it later. Of course, that led to it's own minor disaster, and further reflections on trying to stay gluten-free:

I asked what he wanted for breakfast (sometimes he only wants toast). He asked for scrambled eggs. He never eats them, so I asked him, literally, 4 times if that was really what he wanted. He insisted yes, he wanted the yellow eggs, the eggs with the cheese, scrambled eggs. I made him his toast, which he started to eat. I made the scrambled eggs and put them on the same plate (on top of the toast crumbs). He immediately bursts into tears and insists he asked for "white eggs" (fried egg whites, he never eats the yolks).

Now, a lot of people will tell me I spoil my kids, but I know my son and there was no way he was going to eat those eggs. I hadn't eaten at that point and any time in the past, I would've just eaten his eggs as my breakfast. But today I didn't, I just dumped them and made him his egg whites which he ate right up.

I may have wasted an egg but I saved myself a huge argument, which would have resulted in him not eating his breakfast and therefore being hungry and more cranky later.

But I seriously thought about eating those eggs for a minute, then realized there was no way I could eat them without getting a fair amount of toast crumbs, too. And I have quit entirely licking the butter off my fingers after I make the kids' toast in the morning... too many crumbs, again.

Sometimes I feel as if I am doomed, though, since I'm surrounded by wheat products every time I walk into the kitchen.

I lost about 3 pounds during the purge process. DH encouraged me to eat pizza last night (!!!). I told him I'm trying to avoid gluten to see if it helps. He just gave me a look... almost "why bother?"

Sometimes, I don't know.

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