Monday, April 03, 2006


I found out on Friday that my webspace is messed up. I can't connect to it via FTP. That means I can't publish blog posts, even though Blogger will kindly store them in draft mode for me. Wednesday was DH's birthday, and I was too busy to even want to blog. On Thursday, I tried to post something but couldn't, and just figured it was a Blogger glitch. By Friday, I decided to look into it, and the news was worse than I had expected.

I had an online chat with the support tech from iPowerWeb (my hosting service), but he 1) couldn't fix it and 2) couldn't escalate it to the Level 2 techs himself, and so suggested I send an email. To heck with that! I called the 24-hour free support line, and got the problem escalated to Level 2 within 15 minutes.

Later Friday, I received an email with some questions; I answered immediately. Nothing on Saturday. Nothing on Sunday. I called this morning to say, "Hey, what's up?"

What's up: they never received my reply. The tech asked me to resend it, and I did. That one didn't go through, either. I think it's because the "TO" address is my permanent email forwarding address, and the "FROM" address is my addy from my actual ISP. I understand needing to have sophisticated filtering, etc, to weed out spam, but you'd think that a web hosting service would understand the concept of forwarding addresses. I know I'm not the only person in the universe that uses one.

Anyway, I gave the guy the info over the phone, and hopefully they're working on it as I type this.

Ironically, no one will read this until the problem is fixed, and who knows how long that will take? It has already been out for nearly five days! I'm going through withdrawal here. It's one thing to decide to step away for a bit and not write so much, it's quite another to be prevented from posting because I can't get to my own paid-for web space.

Here's hoping it's resolved soon.

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