Saturday, April 15, 2006

play day, work day, Easter

Yesterday we actually did everything we planned to do: we went to the Desert Botanical Garden and saw the butterflies, then we went for a pizza lunch. We stopped and did a few errands on the way home (some clothes I had bought for DS1 was too big, so we returned them and bought him some shirts that fit), then in the afternoon we went to the Y. I did three pathetic laps and was ready to collapse in a heap, but the kids had a lot of fun splashing around. Then we dashed home and got cleaned up and picked up DH at the service center where he left his car, then home for a quick dinner and I was out again to do some more last minute Easter shopping, since we decided on lasagna for dinner.

Usually I do housework on Fridays, but the only thing that got done yesterday was changing the bed linens. I also usually do laundry on Sundays. This week, events have conspired against me. I'm squished between laundry, house cleaning, and lasagna assembly. (The only reason I'm writing this now is because I'm waiting for the water to boil so I can cook the lasagna noodles.)

I'm hoping for a relaxing day tomorrow, but who knows what will happen. We're going to try for one of the earlier Masses, but they will all be crowded -- we're going to leave very early and hope for the best.

I also realized I have a column due theoretically today, but I hope to come up with something by Monday.

Later today, we'll dye the 2 dozen eggs I've already hard-boiled, and I'll dig out the Easter baskets and plastic eggs for the Easter Bunny. I'll have some ironing to do, too, so everyone will look sharp for church tomorrow.

I hope after tomorrow that things calm down. I feel like I've had barely 2 seconds to breathe lately! It hasn't helped that during DS2's normal school days I've so many things scheduled. It's only a few hours a week, but I really miss that "alone time" when I don't get it.

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