Thursday, April 13, 2006


This morning I was pressed into emergency tailoring service, since DD has lost two (two!) of her school skorts and needed shorts to wear today. We had a pair of her leggings that she had put the knees out of, that I had fully intended to cut down and hem into shorts for her... someday. Not today! But today it had to be, since it was very hot and she had PE and cheer practice, and a jumper just would not do. It made for a stressful morning for me, but now at least she has another pair of shorts to wear to school.

I've been doing a lot of needle work lately. Teddy is in for refurbishing:
Teddy, before

DD has had him since she was about 18 months old (6 years now!), and she has an unfortunate unconscious habit of pulling at his fur. Eventually, the fur comes off, and poor Teddy has become balder and balder. Not to mention, flat as a pancake. So, out came his stuffing, and into the washer he went. Now I'm working over the bald spots with a sort-of needlepoint approach.
Teddy, in progress

I know, he looks like he has the mange. But we all love him very much, and he'll be practically bullet-proof by the time I'm done. The work is tedious and made more difficult by my arthritis-ridden hands, but it's getting done somehow, bit by bit -- just not today, because I used up my daily needlework capacity this morning, hemming those shorts.

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Tracey said...

You are amazing with your sewing. I can sew a hem and a button on, but past that I just don't have the time or the patience. I am FINALLY getting around to catching up on your blog! I'll read the previous posts. Look for comments! (Thanks for commenting on my blog too!)