Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm ready

The two older kids just completed their third quarter of school, and I had parent-teacher conferences for both of them yesterday afternoon. They both did very well (straight A's for both), and their teachers love them. The biggest criticism of DS1: he does the bare minimum he needs to do to complete an assignment. Of course, it's not that much of a complaint when, just doing the bare minimum, he still easily pulls off straight A's. He's just like me in that he isn't going to spend a lot of time doing something he doesn't absolutely have to do, unless it's something he really loves. Of course, DD is exactly the same way, it just hasn't manifested yet, because DD really loves to draw and make up stories and things like that, whereas DS1 will just put down a few scribbles and be done with it.

We're all spoiled and squander our talents considerably. I'm going to have to suck it up myself and start doing something productive. (Or, something more productive than producing a single monthly column.)

I'm ready for summer vacation. I'm tired of driving them to and from school. I'm tired of the spelling drills and the editing and the big projects and the reading calendars. I just want school to be over so we can relax! Isn't that horrible?

They have two months left, to the day. It will go by so quickly. They only have a few more weeks of RE, and that will free up the calendar a little; that will help. I'm just weary of being so scheduled, and I'm frustrated because we didn't get a break from that at all over spring break, and I've had children home with me or I've had to go on field trips for many of the days I'm usually free, the past two weeks. I've had quite enough!

Is it summer yet?

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Ross Ruediger said...

I'm not sure how old your kids are Joan - mine will be 13 in a month.

Much of what you seem to be going through sounds very "last year" for us, but the load has severely decreased since he got into 7th Grade.

We only had one major bad spell around the middle of the school year, but the appropriate threats were made, and he shaped up pretty quickly. He's also such an outsider these days, that school functions are of little or no interest to him.

Mainly he wants to get all his work done so he can go skateboard with his friends. So long as he maintains A/B averages, we're cool with that.