Thursday, April 20, 2006

T & A

(Not what you might be thinking.)

Both boys are scheduled to have their tonsils and adenoids removed in mid-June. I think that will be a rough week, but after that their lives will be greatly improved. DS1 hasn't been able to breathe through his nose for more than a minute or two since he was a toddler; he'll be getting his turbinates reduced, too.

DD is off the hook, so far, but we'll be watching her for signs of difficulty. DH has big tonsils, and I can't speak to mine, since they've been gone since I was 3. But all the kids have these honkin' huge things in their throats, and while they haven't exactly suffered because of them, the tonsils haven't made their lives easier.

DS2 took the news well; I think he's glad that his brother will be going with him on the same day. Me, I've just added another item to my list of things that must be endured.

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