Saturday, April 15, 2006

"Every moment fraught with peril."

Two dozen Easter eggs, dyed with only one minor disaster: I knocked over the green dye cup, spilling about two-thirds of it. None of it dripped anywhere, so it wasn't a big deal. Of course it had to be me that tipped the cup; the kids were being very good about not reaching across the table.

DS1 laughed when I said that line above, but how else would you describe nine open cups of most-likely-permanent dye sitting out on the kitchen table, in close proximity to three excited children?


Papercollector said...

Jo, that is a riot. I took knocked over an entire cup of green die. hummm what is in the green

talk to you soon love j

Papercollector said...

too --- instead of took... taken for a ride that is for sure

nina said...

I hope Easter turned out to be a beautiful and reasonably calm day for you. Did you hide the eggs or were they part of lunch?

Ross Ruediger said...

My kid is too old for the dying and whatnot, but Jeanne has come up with a new technique guaranteed to keep him in the Easter spirit:

Money-filled plastic eggs.

They'll hunt for hours, I tell 'ya.