Wednesday, April 26, 2006

infinite errands

I spent the morning dithering about whether or not the CD with my ultrasound images would get here in time from Houston, and waiting for the film library to call me with the tracking number. Fortunately my good friend T called and distracted me for a good long while and then Houston finally did call back and within a half-hour of that, the disc itself showed up.

Then DS2 and I set off on our marathon trek. Here's the list of all the stuff that got done today:

- dropped off new rx at the pharmacy; will have to pick up tomorrow as it was not in stock

- called Houston for tracking number

- called M to arrange for her to pick up DS2 at school Thursday

- got the disc!

- stopped at Hi Health for DS1's favorite shake mix

- returned new school clothes for DD (too big); bought new sandals for DS2

- stopped at P.O. and mailed back some clothes that I'd ordered that were too big

- Sam's Club

- Trader Joe's

- picked up kids at school

- came home, put groceries away, fed kids snack (15 minutes)

- drove to pediatrician. Got stuck in traffic on Cooper/Stapley and on the US60, where the Greenfield exit was closed, screwing us up tremendously

- both boys checked out just fine -- DS2, 50th percentile weight, but shot up from 50th percentile height last year to about 85th percentile height this year. DS1, 95th percentile both height and weight -- the kid is 57 inches tall! Occasionally, we call him "Moose." He's huge for a 9-year-old.

- left pediatrician's to take DS2 to soccer practice. Got stuck in traffic on the 101 Southbound.

- Walked DS2 over to his practice field and delivered him to DH (who is the coach). DD wandered off somewhere during the 30 seconds I took my eyes off her. Spent 5 minutes trying to figure out where the heck she went, when she came back and announced that she was looking for me, which made no sense at all since I was standing there talking to DH the entire time.

- Left with DS1 and DD, went to yet-another-Target and found her some scooters she can wear to school, and they fit much better than the others did.

- Stopped to get takeout from Famous Dave's BBQ for dinner. No way was I up for cooking.

- Went home!

Time left house: 1PM
Time arrived home for evening: 7PM.

After dinner, DS1 managed to spill a cup of milk into the refrigerator, so after cleaning that up I did my last chore of the day, running through a load of dark laundry so that DD will have something to wear tomorrow. I had to babysit the dryer again, it's going through one of its temperamental phases and shuts off randomly, mid-cycle. But I even folded everything up, so it's ready to go. One load of laundry is so trivial these days!

I really didn't have to do all that stuff today, I just wanted to clear the decks so if the news is bad tomorrow, I can be comatose and it really won't make a difference. I feel oppresed right now, because I am expecting bad news. I can not anticipate how delightful it will feel if the news is good, because I am sure it will not be. How can it be? That kind of thing doesn't happen to me: I had a negative scan and an undetectable Tg but I still had a boatload of cancer. Is there really any reason for me to think this is anything other than cancer? I can't think of any.

It was good to stay busy today, it was great to get all that stuff done. Everyone liked dinner very much, and there are plenty of leftovers for tomorrow. So, tomorrow will be fine! I just have to try not to get too disturbed about the pending biopsy.

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nina said...

Oh, good luck, Joan. Sometimes, oftentimes, the news is better than we could ever hope for. May that be your news.