Sunday, January 23, 2005


There went the weekend.

DH invited a friend for dinner on Sunday, so the weekend was consumed by my unnecessarily obsessive preparations. Well, the dusting and bathrooms definitely needed to be done, anyways, but as for the major over-haul clean-up of the boys room and the playroom, that could've waited.

I made lasagna (with from-scratch sauce) last night, letting it simmer while I finally watched Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban without interruption, except for the intermission I took to assemble the lasagna.

The rest of dinner was simple, consisting of DS1's favorite home-made herb bread and salad. I made lemon squares for dessert but screwed up something somewhere and they came out soooo dry: they're my project for tomorrow, I'll have to rescue them into something edible.

I did also process all the lemons from the tree: peeled and juiced, and so they should not go to waste, as did the ones we saved out from the last harvest. After that I was very irritated with myself every time I needed to buy lemons. I had 2 dozen or so that I just failed to put up in the freezer! Of course those 2 dozen were free, having come from our tree -- and we had given away bags and bags of ones that we didn't need, so as far as waste goes it could've been worse.

Looking over the past few days, I definitely have more energy since my meds were increased. I do feel a bit more achey than I have, but that could be because I've been doing more, too.

Friday was report card day. DD's could not be better, and DS1's was quite good except for some lack of effort in reading(!), he still got an A, and in language arts, because he has not been completing his work in class. (sigh) He also got written up for his murderous threats of earlier in the week, and we both had to sign this paper and make sure he understands the seriousness of the situation. That was a bit rough.

Dinner was really lovely, even with the dry lemon squares. We were all too stuffed for dessert anyway. The kids had sherbert and loved it.

I love having friends over. It's nice to feel as if we are finally starting to have a "greater" life here, not just our own little family.

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