Monday, January 03, 2005


I'm wearing three layers and still freezing, so this will be short. I need to go wrap up in a blanket and get something hot to drink, and wrap my frozen toes in a heating pad.

Lots of reading today, and not much else. DH had the day off today, and so I got a major break... slept late, went out to lunch with the kids (awesome), then shopping, where DH did the heavy lifting... I did finally stir myself from my online reading/commenting to make dinner, which turned out fine. I need to do more advance planning. Unfortunately, that requires a brain and I feel that mine is definitely compromised right now.

Of course, no call from the endo on the lab test results. I'll nag tomorrow.

Oh! I did remember to sign DD up for her dance class. She starts tomorrow. This should be interesting. She loved the idea of cheerleading last year, but her enthusiasm fizzled quickly when she realized she would actually have to work at it. She's almost a whole year older now, but I wonder if that will make any difference. This is just one afternoon a week, and it's at school, so the amount of effort on my part is relatively negligible. I hope she likes it! She is tall but has some natural grace and flexibility. I just don't know about her atention span.

Along with the freezings and the fatigue and the brain fog, I'm dealing with a lumpy/junky throat and tenderness around my scar, again. For some reason I feel as if this had subsided for a while and now it's back, but since I haven't been keeping track, it's really hard to tell. I did notice yesterday that my submandibular glands have finally gone down (or perhaps gone away completely). I'm up about 5 lbs, which is weird, because I haven't really been eating much to make me gain. That's definitely a hypo thing, though, so I'll have to watch it, else my clothes will quit fitting, and that will be depressing.

Comments o' the day... discussions I felt I could add something to, and posted here to demonstrate that I actually did some thinking, and writing, today...:
How to Start a Blog, part 4 at Evangelical Outpost, via Captain's Quarters, my favorite blog for news and analysis.

so, i'm (sic) back at Jeremy Freese's Weblog, via The Other Side of the Ocean, and/or Althouse.

From a couple of days ago, but still worth mentioning:
Hitchens on "Women-stoning, Gay-burning and Jew-hating Medieval Theocrats"
at Dr. Sanity. A really great site; I particularly like the dr's weekly roundups of insanity posted every weekend.

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