Sunday, January 09, 2005

maintenance & inventory

My endo finally called on Friday and upped my Cytomel to 10mcg/day, and told me she was going to bump up my Levoxyl as well, to 125mcg/day.

The scrips arrived yesterday: 125mcg of Synthroid, and 5 mcg Cytomel. Huh? Definitely have to put in a call on Monday and get that mess straightened out. Synthroid and I have a brief history of bad, bad intolerance. I'd rather not risk it unless there is a good reason to...

Also, huzzah huzzah, she sent me a lab slip for my next blood draw (4 weeks out) and told me to schedule an appointment with her afterwards, at that point we can talk.

Last labs: T4 and T3 both a little low (no, really?), and TSH at 1.8 (boo, hiss, much too high for cancer girl, here.) So, more meds. This is day 2 on 10mcg of Cytomel and it's amazing how much better I feel. Could be placebo effect, but I do have more energy (I can't believe I put together that whole thing today, after doing the climber take-down-and-put-up thing on Friday. Normally I would be dead for several days after that.) Also, I'm not freezing, which is cool.

I have been eating better since Mom has been here, though. Sometimes I forget, she reminds me, and yes, sometimes the nagging does get a little much but at this point, I appreciate it, because I really do forget. I've been eating lovely calorie-dense snacks of chocolate, apricots, and pecans, and I'm skinny. Obviously, I need to eat or I will run into trouble.

Hands not so bad (we'll see tomorrow, after the hours with the screwdriver today), and feet doing well; piriformis about the same. I do tend to get this little "cold spot" that settles in my lower back, even when the rest of me is warm. I hate that.
Hair had stopped falling out, I thought, then yesterday -- handfuls, in the shower. Sigh. Also, major big time lumps-in-throat the past few days, after a few days of respite from it at mid-week. I have no idea what's up with that.

Last lab news: endo did not order a TG (thyrogloblin), but will next time. I'm very curious... this number and how it does or does not change over time, will give me the earliest indication of the status of my cancer.

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