Sunday, January 30, 2005

carb loading

I don't know what happened but my diet has been atrocious lately:

breakfast: coffee, 2 sausages, lemon bread pudding (sugar free, but not lc)
lunch: 2 slices of salami, brownie with mint chocolate chip ice cream
snack: another brownie
dinner: 3 slices of outrageously good fresh Italian bread with olive oil; glass of red wine; appetizer of roasted peppers and mozzarella; veal saltimbocca; tiramisu (just a few bites) and cappucino

breakfast: cappucino and the rest of the tiramisu
lunch: brownie
snack: Tazo wild sweet orange tea
dinner: (Chinese takeout) one crab puff, one vegetarian spring roll with spicy mustard, small servings of sesame chicken (breaded, with a sweet sauce) and jumbo shrimp with broccoli

I've probably eaten more carbs this past weekend than I have in the previous month.

Right now I don't feel hungry but I do feel slightly hungover. I know eating this many junky carbs will do that to me. I'll be drinking lots of water over the next few days as I try to recover from this extended exercise in stupidity.

The only thing I can say in my own defense is the stuff I ate all tasted really good. I did not eat this stuff because I was craving sweets, I ate it because I knew it would taste good and it did. If I ate this way all the time, I'd be even more sick than I already am, and I'd weigh 200 pounds. Monday morning, it's back to reality.

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