Thursday, January 20, 2005

is God really green?

DS2 had Atrium today. He likes it alot, and so do I. It's an awesome program, the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

When I pick him up, I ask him very specific questions to get an idea of what he did. You can't just ask a 3- or 4-year-old, "How was Atrium?" They have no idea how to answer such a general question. So, it goes like this:

Did you have fun today?
Did you sing any songs?
Well, what song did you sing?
Do you know the name of the song?
(Shakes head, no)
What was it about?
How great God is...
Oh, that's a nice song.

You get the idea. Here's another sample:

Did you hear any stories today?
What was the story about?
The tiny seed.
Oh! What happened to the tiny seed?
(very animated) It growed!

Much later, at home, during lunch:

Mom, is God really green?
I don't think that God is any one particular color, sweetie.
Oh. (pause) Where is God?
God is everywhere, He is in everything.
But I want to see Him!
Well, everywhere we look we can see His works, but while we're on Earth here in these bodies, we don't see God that way. When we die, when we're through with our bodies, then our souls go to be with God again, and then you'll see Him. OK?
Oh. OK. (goes back to eating lunch)

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