Tuesday, January 04, 2005

on the descent

Today was a very hypo day, and not a good one. It wasn't a really bad day or anything, just characterized mostly by my hypo-ness, which results in things like forgetting things at 2 different stores (on top of the stuff I forgot at the store yesterday), and dribbling peanut sauce all over my sweatshirt at dinner, and generally feeling like my brain is only operating at about 50% capacity, most of the time.

Having to clean cat-leavings off the carpet this afternoon didn't help, either. This particular event was triggered by my clumsy attempt to bring her in the house yesterday... advice: do not carry a pissed-off cat cradled like a baby. I knew I shouldn't be carrying her that way, but before I could correct my hold on her, she twisted around and bit my hand, scratched my wrist and forearm, and leaped for freedom. I sent DH after her while I cleaned my wounds.

Why, yes, my cat does hold grudges. I just mixed her up a batch of her pumpkin/yogurt thing that is supposed to help her digestion, so hopefully I will be back in her good graces again.

I did 2 minutes on the bike last night, just to get my blood circulating, and my gut was killing me for the rest of the night and most of the morning. There was some muscle-type stuff but mostly it felt like scar tissue, being pulled the wrong way or something. But maybe it wasn't, maybe it's just me being extremely out-of-shape. I'm slim but not fit. Not good.

I got a bit sad today thinking about all the things I don't do for/with the kids these days. That is the hardest part of all this... if it were just me, I could be a slug and it wouldn't matter, but it does matter. I did manage to get DD to her first dance class, and she loved it -- we'll see how it goes as things get more difficult. It would be good for her to develop a bit of perseverance.

Mine has been getting quite a workout lately.

Some of today's reads:
A Message of Hope at the Belmont Club. I adore Belmont Club, but when I'm feeling mush-minded as I have been lately, I don't have the energy to read and absorb all the details. Apparently the solution to that is to hit BC first thing in the morning, before my brain has solidified for the day. Perhaps this will work out -- I like knowing what's going on in the world, but later in the day only "softer" pieces can really hold my interest, everything else just seems too hard. Is that pathetic? Only the truth.

meaningful "works" over at JFW, again. Oh, my. This topic really pushes some of my hot buttons, doesn't it? You can see why I don't generally ramble on about it here.

Here is my response to a post asking "What questions do we ask?" over on the Thyroid Cancer Support forum on Mary Shomon's Thyroid Disease site on the about.com network.

One more: Comments on Olive branches and navel gazing at Crescat Sententia, on whether or not they're pretentious. I only just discovered these guys today, via Pejmanesque, who was linked by Professor Bainbridge (see link at right, I'm too exhausted to do another link!). However, I enjoyed both these discussions because I've been accused of some of the same things, and I found the defense of the "pretentious" bloggers interesting and, well, right.

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