Thursday, January 13, 2005

a two day

Every day, I try and do at least one concretely productive thing, in addition to the usual feed kids/transport kids/clean kitchen every day type drudgery: grocery shop, do laundry, bake something, clean something.

It's pretty pathetic, but when you throw in all the other stuff, doing one other thing often nearly wipes me out.

But I get frustrated with my limitations and from time to time I will try and develop some stamina. So today, even though we went shopping at Sam's Club after lunch, and I spent at least 30 minutes, probably closer to 40, pushing around both DD and DS2 in the cart with all the groceries, I made banana bread before dinner.

After dinner, I washed my hair. By 9:30, I was falling asleep on the couch.


Somewhat propped up by my cat-naps, I'm now wondering if I am totally screwed now for getting a good night's sleep. It's like I get one good shot at it, and I've blown it: I should've just brushed my teeth and fallen into bed directly out of the shower. Too late.

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