Saturday, January 29, 2005

Saturday fly-by

It was a very pleasant, very busy day.

We got off to an early start when DS1 wandered into our room at 5:50AM, asking if it was too early to get up. Yes, we told him. Go back to bed until 7! It's his birthday, you see. He was much too excited to sleep. DS2 and DD were also up mega-early.

It's a good thing I had cooked the bacon last night and had it ready for a speedy breakfast... Gramma fed them all so that when DH and I finally got downstairs just after 8, they were all finishing up.

DH and all the kids are coming down with colds. Poor dears. I love them, but want to avoid their germs: impossible with such adorable children.

I'll post at length about the birthday business separately, but suffice it to say the kids were all very happy.

DD decided to come to Mass with us this afternoon, and afterwards we went over to Domino's to pick up pizza for the kids' supper. It was DS1's choice! DH and I took the opportunity to leave the kids with my mom and go out to dinner at the newish Italian restaurant just downtown, La Stalla Cucina Rustica. Everything was fantastic. I still have about three-quarters of my tiramisu in the fridge, I just couldn't eat it all there.

Came home, got the kids ready for bed, shot some hoops with DD while the two boys prowled around the playroom occupying themselves... tucked everyone in after prayers, and started surfing.

This is the kind of thing I find myself writing over on the thyroid cancer support forum. It's a very odd thing, getting used to the idea of having cancer. But I suppose it's a good thing.

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