Monday, January 17, 2005


Yes, this is an extremely boring entry because there is nothing happening. Just life, for once without upheaval or struggle. It's nice to have a day (two actually, as yesterday was the same way) where you don't have to struggle just to get through it.

Kids had off school today so they stayed pajama'd all day. They had fun with their Spider-Man Triple Action Web-blasters, and it took me an hour to pick up the contents of the three cans of web-fluid (think silly string), but it was a gorgeous day so it was good to be outside. Then I (literally) dusted off their Silverado Power Wheels and brought it out back for them to tool around in, and they had a blast.

DD led the boys in harvesting the lemon tree. It was hysterical because she'd put the lemons in the back of the truck and then the boys would drive it over to the other side of the lawn (all of 12 feet, maybe), so they could unload it and bring the lemons in the house. It was a small crop but enough so we can do fun (delicious) things with it.

See? That was today. Just a good day with the kids. I've had the chance over the past few days to talk to a few friends and one thing that leaps out at me is how much complaining they do about their kids. These women obviously love their kids very much and it's not like the kids are spawn of Satan or anything, they just give their moms lots of things to complain about. Mine don't.

Today it was easy to make them happy (and give them something to do outside), and I baked up the last of the gingerbread cookie dough and fed them fresh cookies outside for their snack. Effortless.

It was a good day.

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Sheik Yerbootie said...

It's the little things that make life fun.