Tuesday, January 18, 2005

two day headache

Trying to pinpoint when this thing started, and it was either Sunday night (dinner at Abuelo's, dessert at CPK), or Monday morning at the dentist.

I'm pretty sure it was the teeth-cleaning that triggered it; lying for nearly an hour, braced for various types of discomfort and outright pain will do that to me. My neck and shoulder muscles feel like rocks. Ibuprofen has helped but as soon as it wears off, the headache is back. I'm working with a heatpack now, and it does feel good. Stretching is probably useful but doesn't feel like it -- I do it anyway.

Tomorrow morning, under the knife again, 2 more biopsies at the dermatologist. I'm thinking I will try and convince him that the others can wait indefinitely, under close observation. Seriously, I cannot imagine a worse place for a biopsy than the arch of the foot, and I have one pending on each. Ick.

I'm hoping tonight's sleep will knock this headache/muscle tension out for good, because I don't like to take NSAIDS when I'm being cut. Tylenol is useless to me. Pain sucks.

I'm also hoping that this isn't related to my increase in thyroid meds. I am feeling generally much better (excepting of course for the headache). The 2x/day minocycline so far hasn't helped my hands much in the morning, but I'll give it a few more days until I drop back down to 1x/day.

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