Wednesday, January 19, 2005


This morning started bright and cheery with two more biopsies, one in a very painful place, and one in a rather inconvenient place. I confess I whined to the PA about having to have so many done, and she leafed briskly through my file and pointed out that of the many I have done, I've had that came back uncertain for melanoma, one with worrisome characteristics, and two that were dysplastic. IOW, I'm not exactly working from a clean slate here.

She sympathized, but said with my history, anything suspicious really does have to go. That means up I'm for four or possibly six more... I've lost count.

It doesn't seem like getting two 3-mm discs of flesh cut out should be able to drain you completely, but it does. Nevertheless I spent the rest of the day being a good mother and working with DD on her reading and with DS1 on his homework (particularly a new math skill he just was not getting), and then going out in the yard and playing catch (football) with DS1 so he would stop annoying DS2 while he was driving the Silverado around.

I'm exhausted. Have done a lot of good reading but am too tired to link... check out the new Victor David Hanson piece linked today by Dr. Sanity. Also excellent discussions on the dhimmi-tization of Europe on VodkaPundit.

I'm done, now.

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ChaiTime said...

Hey, biopsies are not fun and they took a great deal out of me as well. I wonder, it isn't just a physical drain, but an emotional one. You're there to find out if you have more cancer and it sucks big time. For one's mind to "go there", it rough and takes a lot of mental and emotional energy to get through it and not fall apart. Also, being a mom, I totally get how you'd not want to shortchange the kids of their fun time. It's been a hard day. You're allowed that, okay?