Tuesday, January 11, 2005

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(maintenance & inventory)

Took the cat to the vet for her vaccinations today, and had a lengthy discussion with the vet about how to handle her ongoing digestive troubles. She's getting her teeth cleaned in a couple of weeks, and at that appointment they will draw blood and retest her thyroid. Depending on the thyroid results, we'll proceed based on a tentative IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) diagnosis, treating her with steroids -- either a liquid or a long-acting injection.

The vet was very understanding of how my recent cancer adventure has affected our ability to deal with the cat. I really like the vet -- he recognizes that I have no fear of medical terms and dives right in, explains everything, and never pressures us to make the high-dollar decisions. He spoke wistfully of getting more definitive IBD dxs, but since that requires biopsies costing anywhere from $400-$800, you can see why he doesn't often get the chance.


The endo's office finally called back re the rx that was screwed up, and they are re-writing it and sending off a new one. Better get here soon...


The piano tuner came this evening and worked on the machine for an hour-and-a-half, and it sounds worlds better. There's a disconcerting twang on the D an octave above middle C, though -- I wonder if he's in the area if he will come back and take a listen? It's not an all-the-time thing, it's only sometimes...

I am completely, totally incompetent at the keyboard. I murdered my 2 favorite Bach Two Part Inventions (13 14) and crashed my way through a C-major scale with complete disgust. Makes me want to take lessons again...


I feel like I didn't do a lick of work today. It was a visiting sort of day.

I talked at some length to one of DD's classmate's moms, S; she also has hypothyroidism and just isn't feeling that great and we talked about the dozen or so things that could be going on. She just had labs done and of course they came back "perfect." Ack! I gave her a care package of two books and a few printouts, plus an unopened bottle of Selenium, which I gave up on after my thyroidectomy.

My friend M and her mom came by for an hour or so this afternoon, and we had a nice visit. She wants to go to Europe so we had a lot of fun talking about all the different places to go and things to see. She loved her birthday present, too -- but I forgot to give her the dvd I had burned for her, from videos she gave me -- like us, she doesn't have a VCR connected to a tv at her house anymore. Oh well, another excuse to get together?

What was I supposed to do today, anyway? I actually feel pretty good, physically, especially since I was up late watching ROTK in glorious Dolby surround sound. (DH fixed some setting somewhere, and now the sound really is awesome.) I have to stop doing that.

I ate an entire Cadbury chocolate bar. I blame the carbonara I had for dinner. I used Dreamfield's pasta (tastes very, very good), which is not supposed to cause cravings, but seriously: it does. At least, this time it did. I think it's a portion-control thing. If I have a small serving with dinner, I think I'd be OK. But to have it, basically, as dinner? Didn't work so well. Of course I ended up skipping breakfast and having a light-ish lunch (with bread), so I can see that I set myself up for that breakdown. *sigh*

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