Wednesday, May 12, 2004

still employed!


And likely to be busy as all-get-out starting in a week or so, straight up until the time I go on vacation.

Yes, yes, I finally screwed up my nerves enough to actually call the guy I'm working for and ask him what's going on, after encouragement from my older sister, on top of everyone else I asked about it. He has been head-down getting the patent application in (tomorrow by 5pm, all done). He assures me, "there is no loop you have been left out of," basically because there has been no loop.

So he wants to fly me in for an all-day (or, "until we're finished") meeting. I told him that shouldn't be a problem (cha-ching!). Also, it would be good to attach faces to these people's voices. He would like to have things wrapped up before I head out at the end of June, so it looks like I will be very busy, busy, busy! Or, things could lapse once again and I'll get a few dribs and drabs here and there and then I'll leave for vacation and come home again and eventually it will all get done, or not. I just have to not-stress about it.

Not-stressing is not one of my strong points. Yes, I know that it is a double-negative, and it says exactly what it is supposed to say... I'm a world-class stress obsessor, which probably is a factor in the weakened state of my adrenals.

Oh, yeah, I can send an invoice! Whee!

Today was a better day. Even though it was really busy (TJs and Sam's, Smart&Final, Chick-fil-A, 3 loads of laundry...), I am not feeling wiped out, which is nice. I feel tired but not dead. I'm not sure whether to chalk that up to the fact that I went to bed at midnight and slept till 8, or the Cortef I took after lunch. I'm sure they both contributed. Have to get to bed early tonight, too, as I'm having the cyst removed from my leg tomorrow, DD has cheer practice, and DH is going to the baseball game so I have to bring the boys with me... It's going to be a crazy day.

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