Monday, May 17, 2004



I was a complete slug today. I spent the entire day on the computer reading analysis of yesterday's Sopranos episode. Every time I stand up, my leg kills me. I even had to switch bandages at mid-day because the adhesive on the patch bandage was really getting to me... Now I have a fabric bandaid on there and I hope it will do, because at least it's not making me itch on top of everything.

Yesterday was a fairly dreadful day. The stiff neck and shoulders with accompanying headache returned, to a lesser degree but still thumping and making me grumpy... one of my girlfriends had a birthday party for her son at the Bounce Zone, so I took the 3 kids. DH stayed home to pay the bills... I did not begrudge him the time alone, he never gets any. The Bounce Zone is pretty cool but there were just too many kids and too much noise for DS2 to want to do anything except cling to me. He wouldn't go on any of the bouncers -- they had a sport court, a big slide, an obstacle course, and an enclosed bouncer, like the kind we have rented for birthday parties. DS2 wouldn't even go with me down the slide! *sigh* DD and DS1 had a good time, although DS1 had a couple of minor meltdowns. He did a good job of getting over them, though, so it was OK.

I just don't like that kind of party. Too much chaos, too many presents no one needs... maybe I am just an old grump but I'm sorry, no 6-year-old should be allowed to invite their entire class to a birthday party, plus other friends! That just doesn't make sense to me. Who needs 30 kids at a party? Yeesh.

I really am a grump! Ha!

I was so wiped out when we got home - even though it was only 5 minutes away - that DH immediately said, "Let's get takeout for dinner," and we got BBQ from Joe's and it was awesome. So awesome in fact that we had enough leftover for tonight's dinner, which enabled me to be the complete slug that I was today. Hey, I made coleslaw both days...

I need to bake, clean, do laundry, and shop.

When I was not on the computer, I was on the phone. Everyone called me today and I needed to make some calls myself. The same girlfriend who hosted the party called me to tell me a nasty gossipy story about people I don't know and don't want to know. Really, it was horrible, and there was no way I could shut her up that I could see, so I just let her ramble on about it. It really upset me, which I guess is stupid: I just didn't know how to tell her I wasn't interested in this "news" she thought was so juicy. Her priorities are so different from mine. She's all about appearance and money even though she'll deny that to her grave, she can't see herself for what she is. I really need to limit my exposure to that woman.

In fact, limiting my exposure to her was a contributing factor to my decision to make my Southern Living at Home party a catalog party, because then I won't have to actually be a hostess and get the house all spiffed up for visitors. Besides, I have a pathological fear that I will give a party and no one will come. Also, as soon as that party is scheduled, my boss will call and tell me that's the time he wants to fly me out to NY, you can bet on it. Actually that time would be the prime candidate for the all-day meeting, so I'm glad I cleared the day.

I did accomplish one thing: I weighed and measured all the paintings for my friend who wants them. It will be nice to get them out of the closets here, off to their new home where they will be cherished.

My head hurts again. Maybe I'll go take some Tylenol. Maybe I should get off the computer, ya think? Nah...

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