Wednesday, May 05, 2004



Three consecutive days up until 2AM eventually takes its toll. I haven't done much today except grump a bit too excessively at DS1. DS2 is still sick, although he seems to be holding fine for the moment on Motrin alone, after needed both Motrin and Tylenol for yesterday and earlier this morning. I hate being stuck at home when someone is sick. I hate being stuck at home, period.

grump grump grump

I drafted and re-drafted an e-mail to the guys I (supposedly) work for, telling them of my upcoming summer plans and letting them know I'm not comfortable about letting things drift along as they have been. I originally included a deadline of May 14 for getting my assignments nailed down, but eventually I took it out... it went something like this: "If we can't nail down my projects by May 14, I will submit a final invoice and respectfully withdraw my services." I wimped out and deleted that reference and anything like it. I'm not sure it would have done any good, anyway.

I'm in similar limbo with Princeton Review. Who knows when they will be ready with their training, and what my time requirements will be then? These people, they just leave you hanging on and on and on...

I am tired of listening to my own whining. I'm going to go fold laundry.

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