Tuesday, May 11, 2004

not much of a day

Sciatica still a problem, and it's interfering with my sleep most of all, which totally screws me over every which way. I realize now (of course, much too late) that assembling bookcases and moving a bunch of stuff around in the house yesterday was pretty stupid, considering my back was bothering me before. However, at the time of the assembly/rearranging, I wasn't in any pain at all. It didn't kick back in until around dinner.

Of course after yesterday today just totally sucked, it has been bothering me a lot more. Why am I so stupid?

Took DD to school, then DS2 to storytime. Brought DD home from school. Picked up DS1 from school. Made dinner. There, that was my day.

I think my adrenals have kicked out again. I think I still have some Cortef around, I'll give it a whirl and see if it helps.

I'm freaked out that Thursday is DD's last day of TK (transitional kindergarden, sort of a super pre-school, not quite kindergarden). I thought she had a couple more weeks. I'm doomed... I have nothing planned for her to do for an entire MONTH. I would love to work on her room with her, and hopefully we will, but with the way my back/sciatica is going right now, I have no idea, realistically, when I will be able to do any kind of physical work.

I am an idiot.

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